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Omnipath designs and develops custom learning solutions that help corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions creatively and cost-effectively meet their communication goals. 

More than simply designing and developing custom e-learning courseware, Omnipath provides quantifiable and measurable educational solutions. Corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions worldwide currently use our award-winning teaching approach.

Creative, innovative, and affordable, we use cutting-edge
educational technology, but never let technical advancements
eclipse the fundamentals of education. We teach in a manner
that engages and truly educates the learner.

Ever since our founding year of 1995, the primary mission of
the company has been to deliver quality instruction. In 2006,
the company name changed to Omnipath in order to recognize
our multidisciplinary approach to learning.

Omnipath offers multimedia,
web-based, and instructor-led learning solutions to a broad range of clients.

Some of our success stories include AIG, Canon, DSW, FM Global, McDonalds, Mount Carmel, the State of Ohio, and The Ohio State University.

Hosting and Learning Management

Our comprehensive content hosting solutions give our clients the means to easily manage all of their e-learning courses. Courses purchased from third-party vendors or those created in-house (using AICC or SCORM) can be hosted and simply managed through Omnipath’s Learning Management System (LMS).

The Omnipath LMS is an affordable, easy-to-implement solution that allows your organization to quickly deliver high-impact content directly to your audience. © 2017