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Exceptional Content Design

Instructional designers, graphic artists, and an animation team with audio/video producers and voiceover talent form the backbone of our production team.

Our on-premise audio recording facility is equipped with a vocal booth and state-of-the-art recording equipment that provides the means for producing professional broadcast quality audio. Custom in-house music composition and recording can also be provided at no
additional charge.

Seasoned professionals from all areas of media production will work together take your
content from a concept to a powerful
educational solution.

The OmniPath instructional design and development team works side-by-side with our clients and their subject matter experts (SMEs). This unified approach allows us to create one-of-a-kind educational solutions that transfer knowledge of our clients’ unique products, strategies, services, systems, tools, or technologies into compelling learning environments.

OmniPath on-line solutions are recognized for their:  

  • Superb quality audio and visual imagery
  • Creative use of the most advanced web-based technology
  • Professional appearance that communicates the importance of the message
  • Bold messages that emotionally engage audiences and learners    
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