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Instructor-Led Training
Omnipath was founded with the intent of delivering superior classroom training. Customers continue to rely on us to provide experienced educators and dynamic instruction that enlivens the classroom environment and teaches critical skills to employees and students. Instructor-led training continues to be a foundational aspect of every successful learning enterprise. Helping you organize a curriculum and guiding you through the development process is our goal. Additional personnel are at your fingertips to complete a product launch or major roll-out.

Learning Strategies and Consulting
Regardless of your educational goals, Omnipath can help you develop a comprehensive learning strategy for your organization. Our experts have helped companies from a wide variety of industries create plans that incorporate both instructor-led training and e-learning. In addition, we have helped companies make strategic decisions concerning Learning Management Systems and development tools.

Custom Content Development
Your subject matter experts (SMEs) will work side-by-side with our instructional designers to produce a quality product. This unified approach to learning allows us to create one-of-a-kind solutions that transfer knowledge about your unique products, strategies, services, systems, tools, or technologies.

What Kind of Content Can We Create?
e-learning is an ideal training tool for programs that must reach a geographically dispersed audience, an audience that has a high turnover, or an audience that needs continual renewal of concepts. Possible applications for custom e-learning include:

  • New Product Introductions
  • New System Roll-Outs
  • Compliance or Legislative Mandates (e.g. Sarbanes/Oxley, HIPPA)
  • CRM, ERP
  • Marketing or Promotion
  • Customer, Partner, Channel Sales
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